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    The Truth is all about providing the best tattoo and experience available.

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    Original Art, Pain Management and Hospitality Services before, during and after your procedure are all provided as we focus on you and making your body beautiful.

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    The Truth is, our Pacifica Studio is our heaven on earth and the absolute best place we could think to have our tattoo and art studio.

Truth or Dare?

Welcome to the next level. The Truth inside the Longboard Bar!

The Team

The Truth team is led by Peter Bogdanov with Isaiah Bogdanov and John Flores. Together we offer something for everyone. Got Ink?

Design Services

Our team is well versed in helping you find the right tattoo design that is both unique and amazing. We are artists that design for you. Got Ideas?

Hot Talent

The Truth has always been about world class art work. The studio is designed to bring out the best in us so we can bring out the best in you.


The Attitude

We are dedicated to one-of-a-kind masterpieces, only every time. We aim to make your body beautiful with quality tattoo artwork..

The Location

The Truth and the Longboard Bar have teamed up to bring Pacifica a next level entertainment mecca. The Truth inside the Longboard Bar!

Tattoo Answers

Take a look at our FAQ section for some great answers to some basic tattoo questions. For example - How can a tattoo studio work inside a night club?

tattooing is a passion we love to share.

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Our History

The Truth started back in 1991 when Peter Bogdanov set out to start a career as an artist. His best friend, biggest fan, and future wife, Donna Adelita invited him to an art class at SFCC, the rest would be an epic love story and artistic history that brought us to The Truth. Peter started tattooing in 1993 as the owner of Demented Again on Potrero Hill, shortly after he would open Beyond The Flesh in the SOMA area. The studio would move locations one more time in California to the Excelsior before opening up The Urban Soul in Portland. The Truth Tattoo was opened in Pacifica in 2012 and we plan to live out our days tattooing our neighbors and friends in our beloved San Francisco Bay Area to the end of our days.

25 years of tattooing

The Truth is all about history.

award winning

Best Color, Tribal, Unique, Back Piece

Innovation in art

Creating unique images is a gift.

talent for hire

Helping you see is what we do.



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Inside The Longboard Bar

The Truth and The Longboard Bar are teaming up to bring Pacifica a next level entertainment mecca. The Truth Tattoo Studio is now open at our new location at 170 eureka Square inside The Longboard Bar. Come check out the new studio and have a drink with us, play some pool or darts and or catch a game on one of the many big screens. The Truth inside The Longboard Bar is a creative powerhouse bringing art, sports, music and lifestyle together like never before.

Don't forget to book your next social event in our beautiful entertainment facility. We have full PA systems in both rooms as well as the right mix of lounge, bar and open table seating to accomdate groups up to 150 people. We are always open to new ideas and events that bring our community together. If you are interested in utilizing the space and or have ideas for shows or other creative happenings, please let us know. Both the staff of The Truth and The Longboard Bar are here to help you.


Open seven days a week so the party never stops!

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Tattoo art should be awesome.

It's your body and you only get one time through.

Artist Portfolios

Please select the artist portfolio you would like to view.

The Truth is the best tattoo studio in the area!

Watch The Truth Commercial

Take a look at the 2015 commercial for our sponsorship of the Warriors Championship season.

Comcast 2014/2015

The Truth had the pleasure of running our TV commercial during all Warrior home games in 2014/2015. We hope you enjoy the TV commercial made by our very own Peter Bogdanov to advertise The Truth. Make sure to click on the links to our other videos at the end of The Truth commercial.

You can see more videos on our Vimeo site, follow us on InstaGram and or FaceBook. We are always happy to hear what you have to say, so reach out and let us know what you think.

  • « Peter is a true artist! He took my vision to the next level and delivered a delicate, yet strong, emotional piece. I love my tattoo. »


  • « Peter and The Truth rock. Insanely awesome artist that happen to also create some of the industries best ink work. »

    Tom Aurand

  • « Amazing attention to detail. Amazing ink. Amazing atmosphere. Pete makes you think about what you're getting on your skin. It's there forever and he takes pride and responsibility for putting that forever on you. »

    Charles Whitwam

  • « Peter is the best tattoo artist I've ever found. Although I live 500 miles away, I won't let anyone but him ink me.. Tremendous work by a skilled and qualified master.. It's always a pleasure. »

    Brad Pease

  • « Love....Love.....Love this place!!!! Best experience I ever had getting a tattoo! »

    Misty Giguere

  • « Personality is awesome! Flexibility, artistic knowledge and overall atmosphere was amazing! I felt very comfortable throughout! Would definitely recommend to friends! :) »

    Anne Baldwin

  • « I don't even know where to start! You most def get what you pay for! :) »

    Chelsea R

  • « He designed a beautiful cover up and made me fall in love with tattoos again. I'm glad I waited 21 years for Peter. He is worth it. He and his staff and very professional and kind. He's an extraordinary artist. :) »

    Dr. Karri C

  • « I've gotten a few pieces from Peter and am always blown away by the quality of his work. He recently did a few flowers for me and I'm beyond thrilled with how it turned out. »

    Sheena G

Have a few questions?

Of course you do. We've got answers! We've collected frequently asked questions

Do you have to be 18 to get a tattoo at The Truth?

Yes. It is a very simple answer. If you are not 18 you cannot get a tattoo in California and not at The Truth. Do come back to us when you are of age. Let's rock then!

Can you be under 21 and get a tattoo at The Truth

We run day time hours for all persons 18 to 20 years of age who want to get tattooed. If you are under 21 you can visit the shop between 1pm and 6pm and schedule your sessions.

What is the deal with alcohol and tattooing in a bar?

Common sense and respectable artists is where it all starts. There are no laws against allowing tattooing when alcohol is around. Yes, it does thin your blood, but no, it does not affect your healing or procedure. That is a uneducated myth. Just take your tattoo seriously and drink within boundaries. Don't ask us to tattoo you when you have had too much to drink and we won't laugh at you - promise.

What if I don't have a concrete idea of what I want?

Remember that we are artists. We have a gift to help other people see things they can't. So just ask for a design consultation and let's see where we can take you. Let our imagination be your limits.

What is the price range for the shop?

Peter Bogdanov charges a $200 minimum and a rate of $150 an hour. John charges a $75 minimum and a hourly rate of $100 while Isaiah charges a $50 minimum and a rate of $75 per hour.

What is the best policy when tipping my artist?

The basic rules of tipping apply to tattooing as in other service businesses. It is respecful to tip in the range of 10 to 20% depending on your own personal happiness with your artist and tattoo.

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